Main Architectural Design Styles

Colonial Home  

Key Features:
Traditional, historic, family-oriented interior

Colonial Style, also known as Colonial Revival, is an iconic American design style with early 18th century roots, conceived by European immigrants.

Colonial Designs are typically two-story houses.

Exterior Features:
Symmetrical design, porches with columns, wide balconies that connect the upper floor.

Interior features:
Spacious rooms that all connect to the same main hallway and stairwell. Typically offers a lot of woodworking decoration on the walls and staircase. 

Best For: Those who value traditional style and plan a family life


Rustic Style

Key Features:
log cabin style, countryside, ranch home

Historically popular in mountainous rural areas. In modern times, it’s growingly popular as a countryside design.

Exterior Features:
Sturdy design rich in wood choice, accompanies rural areas well. 

Interior Features:
Big, panoramic windows and balconies for great outdoor view. 

Best for:
Those who love the rural countryside. Rustic style is great for isolated introverts, but can be utilized for a warm family interior as well.

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